8m3 Concrete Truck

A concrete mixer truck is a truck specially built to transport and mix concrete for buildings. It is equipped with a cylindrical mixing drum, which continuously rotate during transport to maintain the liquid state of the material. After the concrete is removed, the interior of the mixing drum must be cleaned with water, thus avoiding reduced spaces due to hardened concrete.

A concrete mixer truck is a special truck used to transport concrete for construction uses. It consists mainly of a chassis, a mixer, a transmission system and a water source. A concrete mixer truck is equipped with a cylindrical mixer, which is kept rotating during the transmission to avoid concrete concreting. After transport, the inner wall of the mixer is usually rinsed.

As a professional supplier of concrete mixer trucks in China, Camelway Machinery usually offers 6x4 concrete mixer and 8x4 concrete mixer trucks. Our concrete mixer trucks are a type of mobile truck. With high quality and low prices, it is widely used in construction applications in Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Algeria, Ethiopia, and more countries. As a result of our cooperation with different construction equipment manufacturers, we can also offer a full range of water tankers, oil tankers and other heavy duty trucks as well as related services. We also offer parts for trucks and maintenance services, in case you encounter any difficulties with your concrete mixer truck. You can feel safe using our concrete mixer trucks, which are certified with CE and CCC.